Dr. White has seen great success in his studio. One of his students won Star Search, two others appeared on Star Search televised episodes. Two of his students made it to the top 6 of their respective season on American Idol.


One, Mandisa, finished 6th, while the other, Kelly Clarkson, won the first year of American Idol and two other students made it to Hollywood Week.

He has had several students earn recording contracts in Nashville, several obtain performing jobs on cruise ships, several appear with the Houston Grand Opera, and two have solo roles on Broadway.

Many of his voice students have earned lead and supporting roles in local community theatre, several of which went on to become contracted members of the Theatre Under the Stars troupe, and members of the AD Players.

Kelly Clarkson

Dr. White has 15 former and current students who lead worship at churchers. Dr. White has had many of all-Region, Area, and All-State Choir members. At one point he had 17 All-State students in one year, including 7 of the 8 number 1 slots for the state of Texas.

Many of his students have gone to earn admittance and scholarships into university music schools including: Rice University, Peabody Conservatory, Eastman School of Music, Westminister Choir College, Curtis Institute of Music, University of Texas, University of Houston, Berkley School of Music, and Belmont.

I recognize students who study piano over time and keep track of how many lessons you have taken. When you reach specific milestones you are awarded a pin.

Level 1-20 Pins

I have developed my own music curriculum over the years of teaching. This curriculum is divided into 20 levels. Some students progress rapidly through packets, completing 3 or even 4 packets a year. A more typical rate of progress is to complete a packet in 25 to 30 weeks. As soon as a packet is completed, the corresponding level pin is awarded. The first 5 levels are considered beginner levels. Levels 6-10 are intermediate, levels 11-14 are advanced, and levels 15+ are a progression of world class concert literature, reserved for the most advanced students and often customized to the students growing musical preferences.

Improvisation Pins

These pins are earned through demonstrating specific skills learned in the area of improvisation, composition, and practical theory. These pins are colored in a fashion to cordinate with the level pins. A student starting at the same level in both music reading and improvisation should be able to complete one level of improvisation for every two levels of music reading. However, it is possible to earn improvisation pins as soon as the skills are mastered, regardless of music reading level.

Note Naming Pin

This is usually the first pin a student earns. As a beginner learns the basics of the piano, the most important assignment they will be given is to learn how to quickly identify notes in the treble and bass clefs. When a student is able to identify 30 notes in 40 seconds or less, they earn this well deserved award pin.

Yearly Studio Pins

As a thank you for being a part of my studio, I give all my students a special cleverly designed commemorative pin with the year on it. This is given at the end of each year.

Studio Pin

Dr. Jimmy White Studio Pin Award

I like to recognize those who help to promote and build my studio. My greatest form of advertising is the word of mouth recommendation of my current and former students. For those whose recommendations result in a person joining my studio, they receive this special pin along with a gift of appreciation as a way of saying thanks for helping build my studio.

Levl 1-8 Exam Certificates

Associated Board of Royal Schools of Music

I have one of only a hand full of music studios in Texas that is certified by the ABRSM [Associated Board of Royal Schools of Music]. This international society sends trained evaluators who give exams two times a year. As a member music studio, My students can sit for any of the level exams for which they are prepared. While I do not require my students to participate in this opportunity, it is a great chance to participate in an internationally recognized certification program. Level 7 and 8 actually earn college credit for music in universities all over the world.

Graduate Level

These advanced graduate level awards meet the requirements of internationally recognized piano teaching or performance certification. The ABRSM examines candidates that are prepared through my studio for these rigorous evaluations. Passing these exams earns letters after your name, just like doctors of medicine have letters of specialization after their names. Preparation for these degree equivalent goals requires the most advanced piano and music skill knowledge.

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